Beef Dipping Noodles

Beef dipping noodle

Make or buy egg noodles. (See my noodle recipe if you want to make some)

In a slow cooker or pressure cooker, make a beef stew comprising of best braising steak (fattier the better), 5 spring onion, 1tsp dark soy, 1tsp light soy, 2 carrots, 1 celery, bay leaf, thyme and a bone marrow that has been roasted for an hour before hand. Cover in beef stock and cook until tender and falling apart. (45mins on high in a pressure cooker and slow cooker cook on low for 8-10 hrs, or on high for 4 hrs.)

Take out the bone and seasoning and taste, add salt and pepper as required. Remove the steak and break apart into tiny strands and set aside.

Strain of the juices through a sieve and discard the veg. ( or purée and make a base for a soup) Boil the broth down until it starts to get a more intense in taste.

Take a bowl add equal parts of light soy, tomato paste, mirin, sake and beef bovril. Mix together.

In a wok start to fry together, spring onions and garlic, add the noodles and then add the paste and coat. To this add the beef shreds and mix.

Spoon the noodle mix into a bowl and in a separate bowl add the intense broth made.

Dip away and enjoy. In the end once all noodles are gone add hot water to the broth to make more soupy and drink.


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