Onion Bhajis

Who doesn’t love the crispy crunch of an Onion Bhaji? These crispy little nuggets of oniony goodness will get all you snack cravings sorted.


• One large onion
• One large egg
• Four heaped tablespoons of plain flour • One tablespoon of smoked Paprika
• One tablespoon ofTurmeric
• One tablespoon of Garlic granules. • Half teaspoon of baking powder
• Seas salt
• Pepper


Slice the onion into half then slice it width ways maintaining the curve of the onion into the trips you cut off. Separate all the strips so you have different onion strands.
In a bowl mix together all the ingredients to form a smooth but sticky batter, then tip in the onion trips and combine, the onion when coated should already start to stick together in to large clumps (if your batter
is a bit runny just add extra flour and mix until its becomes sticky and forms clumps of onion)
All left to do id fry them off you can either use a deep fat fryer or fill a pan with oil deep enough to coat a least half the Bhaji if not all.
Take a spoon and scoop out gold ball size portions into the hot oil and
fry for at least 5 minutes to get good colouring and crisp texture.
Note: if you are doing half oil in a pan you will need to keep turning the Bhaji in the oil to crisp evenly.
Plate and dash with, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. I always have a a cheeky dab of mango chutney on the side as well.


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