Mulligatawny Soup

Whenn you find yourself in a stoop, nothing lift you up quite like soup!
So in my previous post we did a curry, there was a fair bit of left overs sauce in the pot once served so I decided to reserve it and make it in to this lovely Mulligatawny soup.

That’s two meals now out of one pot, this is a really good way to make you money stretch and also gives you a little less time in the kitchen to relax and just enjoy some good food with out having to put hours in at a time. Lets face it we all would love amazing food and not have to spend ages making it now wouldn’t we!

So here we go..


  • Left over curry from the night before
  • Lime yogurt mix (see here)
  • 300ml of Veg stock



Simply get your left over sauce with the veg and meat bits put in a blender and whizz up with around 300ml of hot veg stock. The heat from the stock will cook the soup up again in the blender so no need to heat up again.

Pour in a bowl and to this I added a nice swirl of the lime yogurt I made yesterday, slap a load of butter on some bread and bobs your uncle. Home made mulligatawny soup.

For a bit of an extra why not make some onion Bhajis to go on the side (recipe here)


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