Ham & Cheese Sauce Savoury Crepe

Not a got a sweet tooth? Savoury pancakes are just as delicious. Serve up this melting ham and cheese combo as a breakfast treat or speedy dinner alternative.


 For the sauce:

250ml whole milk

20g butter

1 heaped tbsp of plain flour

100g cheddar cheese grated

Nutmeg to grate

Salt & pepper to season

The rest:

Traditional crepe batter – see above recipe.

Boiled ham cut into chunky pieces


1. Firstly, make the pancakes and set aside.

2. In a saucepan melt the butter, reduce heat to low/medium and stir in the flour into a loose paste, then whisk in the milk until it creates a thick white sauce.

3. To this, add the grated cheddar and mix until melted, you should now have a thick almost sticky sauce. Grate in the nutmeg and season to taste.

4. Take a pancake and cut it from the middle outward to the edge. Now from that cut imagine 4 quarters, in these are going to go; 1. Ham slices, 2. Cheese sauce, 3. Ham slices, 4 Cheese sauce. From the first ham quarter, fold forward and carry on clockwise until all folded up into a triangle.

5. Serve with any choice of side dish or just eat them up as they are.


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