Choc Chic & Lambs

Makes 8 (4 of each)

Takes 30 mins


1 pack of Bourbon biscuits
75g butter
2 bars of whit me cooking chocolate
1 bag of desecrated coconut
1 bottle of yellow food dye
1 pack of pink and white mini marshmallows
A hand full of sultanas
2 tbsp Icing sugar
2 tbsp Honey
Small jar of candies orange jellies


1. Smash up all your bourbons biscuits and then blitz until a fine crumb.

2. Melt and stir in the butter, combine unit a stiff paste is made.

3. Roll the paste into 8 balls the put in the fridge for 10 minutes.

4. Melt the white chocolate in a jug. Now take the balls from the fridge and dip into the chocolate covering them. Place on a tray lined with baking parchment and return to the fridge to cool and harden. One cooled repeat the process.

5. After the second layer is cool, take out and cover in a light brushing of honey.

6. Take four of the balls. In a bowl pour the coconut, into that put the balls and cover and set aside for decoration.

7. Now with the other four do the same but before you do pour in a quarter of the food colouring and mix to coat the coconut.

8. Make a paste with the icing sugar and a teaspoon of milk. Once thick and sticky start to add the pink marshmallow as feet to the lamb, a sultana for its face and a whit marshmallow for its tail.

9. On the chicks add the candied oranges as crests and half one to make a beak.

10. Finally let them cool one last time and gobble up!

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